Loc Game Colored Lashes


COLORED EYELASHES IN 5 COLORS: false eyelashes include five colors (red/pink/blue/purple/white), end lashes with color, eight styles of false eyelashes, which can meet your different needs and make you try a different look every day.


How to Use Colored Lashes

  • Adjust the length that suits you by trimming false eyelashes.
  • Curl fake eyelashes and adjust the clear band to meet the curvature of your eyes.
  • Apply iflovedekd eyelash glue to the main stem of the band of false lashes.
  • Wait for 20s to become transparent after apply, you can wear fake lashes!
  • Close your eyes properly, wear fake eyelashes, and blink to ensure proper fit.
  • You can see that the eyes have a beautiful and double 3D layer effect.

Colored Lashes are $10 per pair.

Additional information

Weight1 kg


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