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Kierra Suggs


Air Force Veteran Traveling Celebrity Award winning Loctician, award winning Barber, Educator, and Platform Artist. St. Louis home grown, Atlanta loc trained, and now located in the Texas to spread my wings. Specialize in the education of Locs and natural hair. All products used are natural! I don't consider myself just a loctician I’m a loc surgeon. I don’t just retwist hair I educate to help you enjoy your journey.


Well moving to Dallas from St. Louis as a single mother of 4 and only knowing 3 people. That was the biggest risk. The transition was hard and trying. My children and I were even homeless or living in hotels at one point. But I knew moving here was a risk that would pay off. Yes I knew it was going to be hard but with determination and balance between securing my children stability and new way of life and securing my business brand and clientele was always my driving force. My thought process was I wanted my business to be great and I wanted everyone to know who Loc Game 100 is. I wanted everyone to see I was different than any loctician here. Providing great customer service, educate on locs and product, create styles that where out of the box, and services that actually last. Even down to my product that I real life make in my home. My whole concept was if I can’t eat it I don’t want it in my clients hair!! It’s more quality over quantity to me. My slogan is let Loc Game put your locs in the game. My motto is when other locticians so no come to Loc game 100 I gotchu.

First I have to thank my the 3 people I knew moving here that supported my decision Pooh she’s a Barber in Pleasent Grove, Kellee Neal she’s in the Army but answered every late call, Jen Powell. I also do all 3 of their locs. Pooh told me I’ll be fine just do 1 head and I’ll take off. Lol. Second my clients they pushed me more than anything especially La’darrius Reeves & Nikki Saunders they promoted and referred every person they encountered that had locs. Also Jay Simpson when she learned of my family living situation and I was ready to throw in the towel and go home she actually found us a home and helped secure it and I’m forever greatful. Third Ms. Seaton my barber instructor at TBC and my mom Robbie redden.

I’ve only wanted to be a better mother, a better person, have a successful business, and the health of my family and I to be on point. Since rebuilding in Dallas im going on my 3rd ankle replacement, my kids are doing amazing in school and sports, I’m finding balance, and staying focus on protecting my peace and being a better person than I was last week, last month, last year an so on and so further!

My life journey is a real testimony that shows trust in your high power, the process, and never give up no matter how hard things may get.

Just like Allstate your in good hands at Loc Game. Trust the process